Efficient and Productive Enterprises Yielding

Bordo Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım A.Ş. is a venture capital investment company which provides financing and added value through participation in the share capital of the small to medium sized companies having a high growth potential.

Our aim is to ensure that the companies we participate in become efficient and productive enterprises yielding high profitability through the transfer of the capital they need, and of our experience gained in the field of corporate governance, and that they contribute to the economy of the country by means of strengthening their competitive stance in the international markets.

Smart Partnership

We increase the competitiveness of the companies we participate in by blending in such our knowledge of corporate governance and network of global relations, and make them the leader of the sector.

Genunie Partnership

We are not a credit agency, and we initiate the partnership bearing in our minds that we are ready to take the actual burden. We adopt team play, a transparent and particpatory partnership culture.

Down-to-earth Work Plan

We invest in sectors having a profitability potential, especially renew able energy and clean technology, together with a realistic work plan preparedfor a service and product appealing to the global market..


Our Investment Strategy

Any investment process entails solutions developed from within and should not be assessed by a standard but a flexible approach. With this approach in hand, we set new strategies capable of creating the edge of competitiveness together with the company management without interfering in the day-to-day operation of the company.

We make an investment in any company in accordance with the following criteria.

Company Criteria

Small or large investments in the amount of U.S.$ 1 – U.S.$ 20 Million per company can be made in small to medium sized enterprises having a growth potential depending upon the size of the opportunity.

We aim to provide capital contribution for companies which employ an energetic management team consisting of qualified, experienced, creative, job involved staff, and which have a potential of generating high profit compared to market margin and a work plan reflecting down-to-earth growth expectation and which provide reasonable exit scenario.

Control and Management

Minority or majority shares may be acquired in the companies for investment

 The financial management team of our partnerships are determined and assigned by Bordo Capital.

 We employ the right of representation at the level of Board of Directors in order to contribute to the company growth through our corporate governance experience and global vision.

Target Sectors

We may make an investment in almost any sectors possessing a profitability potential focusing especially on renewable energy, clean technology, information technologies, caravan-trailer manufacturing, pharmacology, energy and export focused manufacturing.