Our Investment

The company operating under the brand name of SoyutWind since 2000 up until now manufactures wind turbines having a capacity ranging from 5 kW – 1000 kW developed by the Turkish engineering.

SoyutWind manufactures all of the rotor blades, towers, nacelles (engine room) and control systems of wind turbines domestically in its plant situated in Ankara-Temelli with an indoor area of 15.000 m2 and outdoor area of 120.000 m2. SoyutWind with advanced technology turbines is the sole wind turbine producer within the region for whose products a substantial demand exists in Turkey and international markets.

Sector: Wind Power / Turbine Manufacturing
Strategic Importance: The first and sole wind turbine manufacturer of Turkey
Mode of Shareholding: Minority
Head Office: Ankara
Web Site: www.soyutwind.com
Date of Investment: 2015