Bordo Capital

Our Investment Strategy

About Us

Bordo Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım A.Ş. is a venture capital investment company which provides financing and added value through participation in the share capital of the small to medium sized companies having a high growth potential.

Our aim is to ensure that the companies we participate in become efficient and productive enterprises yielding high profitability through the transfer of the capital they need, and of our experience gained in the field of corporate governance, and that they contribute to the economy of the country by means of strengthening their competitive stance in the international markets.


Transform these companies having a high growth potential and capable of developing technology-based solutions into entities which are able to compete internationally by transferring capital and the knowledge of corporate governance.



Provide for the needs of the innovative entrepreneurs in terms of capital and corporate governance deficiency, and ensure that they attain competitive characteristics through improvement of their productivity.


Fundamental Values

Vendor Support

Innovation, entrepreneurship, productivity

Genuine partnership, risk-taking

 Contribution to Country’s economy


Experience and information exchange



Respect for entrepreneurs

Faith in ethic values


Contribution to Country’s economy